How to sell

How to Sell or Advertise at GeeAuto.Net

Do I need to register to post an ad?

Yes, you do need to register to post ad.

Posting Ads on GeeAuto.Net has greater advantage than our competitors.

Your ads will reach greater audiences, and your ads will received greater exposure, and ROI.

+ Business store account

+ My store landing page

+ Company invoices with company details

+ Add photos, images, and all details about the Ad for more attraction.

+ Your Ad is auto publish to Twitter and Facebook with just a click.

+ Your ad has social media share (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pincrest, Whatsapp).

+ Google maps on your ad location

+ Your ad SEO for easily search results.

+ Your dashboard area with various number of options and stats.

+ Customer can easily SMS seller or call the seller from their mobile phone when they are browsing ads from any mobile device.

+ Customers can easily print your Ad in PDF

+ Customer favourites area.

+ Customer invoices area.

+ More features and benefits.


What are the posting rules?

- You should post in the correct category which is important for you to get more viewers and responses.

- You should not post any duplicate ads.

- You should not post any offensive or spam ads.

If you do not follow the above rules, we may remove your ads without any prior notice. Thank you for following the posting rules.


How much do I need to pay for my ads?

You can post ad FREE for 2 days on GeeAuto.Net this enable you have a hand feel about GeeAuto.Net

However, if you want your ad to exceed better you may choose the package plan that best match your interest by upgrading your ad to any of the three package plans on GEEAUTO.Net

+ Basic Package: $10 - Ads listing on any category for 30 days.

+ Plus Package: $19 - Ads listing on any category for 60 days.

+ Premium Package: $25 - Ads listing on any category for 90 days.


How can I edit or delete my ads?

You need to register and login to your account in order to edit or delete your ads.


How many images can I upload with my ad?

You can upload up-to 5 images with your ad. Click on the image icon and browse to upload an image from your computer while you are posting an ad.


How can I show the location for my ad?

You just need to enter the correct address of your location and the system will plot it on the map.


What is Promoted Ad?

Promoted ads are to attract more viewers by showing in 'Promoted Ads' area on our home page or by listing on top of every ad listing page.


How much does it cost to make my ad as a Promoted Ad?

This feature is included in Basic, Plus and Premium package. Once you purchase any of those package your ad will automatically featured on our front page and any other related pages on GeeAuto.Net